Business Development Plans and Investment Projects

One of the main activities of the FEZ “Panj” is the attraction of foreign and domestic investors to the region. To this end, priority projects will be developed and represented by domestic and foreign investors: including:

  • on the production and processing of juices from fruits and vegetables;
  • on the production of canned fruits and vegetables;
  • for the production of sunflower oil;
  • on wheat processing and flour production;
  • for the production of building materials;
  • on the activities of logistics services;
  • at the production of the glass factory;
  • for the production of solar panels and batteries;
  • for the production of polyethylene pipes;
  • for the production of plastic boxes;
  • for plastic processing and production of granules;
  • on the assembly of equipment from metal structures;
  • for the production of pharmaceutical products and drugs;
  • for the production of perfumery-chemical detergents;
  • on the assembly and installation of electric vehicles;
  • By assembling and installing electric two-wheeled (including: electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric motorcase and electric bicycles).

Developed projects that will be launched on the territory of the FEZ “Panj”, are aimed at developing a business, and will also contribute to the increase in the socio-economic and cultural level of the region and the Khatlon region regions.