Infrastructure of the free economic zone – a set of elements aimed at ensuring the conditions for the operational and economic activities on the territory of the free economic zone, including fences, buildings and constructions, engineering facilities and utilities and objects of safety, environmental and social purpose;

One of the main objectives of the FEZ “Panj”: – municipal engineering development on the territories bordering to FEZ “Panj”, creation of modern engineering-transport, telecommunication, production and social infrastructure;

And also one of the main tasks of the FEZ “Panj”: – construction and improvement of the territory of the FEZ “Panj”, protection and preservation of the environment, creation of industrial infrastructure in the territory of the FEZ at the level of international standards (communication, transport, communication, and so on).

As the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the country Emomali Rahmon noted in his Address to the Majlisi Oli of the country, the main thing for attracting foreign investment is the construction of modern infrastructure. According to the words of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President of the country Emomali Rahmon, the Administration of the FEZ “Panj” has started the construction of modern infrastructure since the day of its activity.

For a certain period of time, the Administration of the FEZ “Panj” built a modern building for the needs of the Administration, fenced the entire territory of the FEZ, consisting of two parts – 401.63 hectares, built and put into operation internal roads with a length of 3 km, work is underway in this direction, and a water supply station was put into operation near the Pyanj River, a 3 km water line was built and put into operation, and a reservoir with a capacity of 1.0 thousand cubic meters was built and put into operation. m. and partial drainage pipes, the FEZ customs terminal was built and put into operation, about 2.0 thousand green and ornamental trees were planted on the territory and around the FEZ and work is underway in this direction.

The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan annually allocates funds in stages for the construction of FEZ infrastructure.

Topographic photos of FEZ “Panj”

Plots of land

Subjects can use for production, warehouses and offices, which significantly reduces the cost of the investor.

Currently, there are 371.53 hectares of free land plots in the free economic zone for new construction and infrastructure development.

Buildings and structures located on the territory of the FEZ “Panj” are not the property of the FEZ, they can be rented or purchased from the owners.

All this allows investors to choose the optimal location of the enterprise, taking into account the logistics component of its production.


Annual rent 1 sq. m. land plot for production activities $0.50
Annual rent 1 sq. m. land for service activities 1 US dollar.
Annual rent 1 sq. m. land for trade and commercial activities 1 US dollar.
Warehouse rent Contract with the owner
Purchase of a warehouse Contract with the owner


The subject builds its own enterprise with the necessary infrastructure (territory fencing, landscaping, power lines, water, sewerage and auxiliary facilities). Infrastructure construction should be carried out in accordance with the object construction project, business plan or investment project of the Subject, agreed with the FEZ Administration.

During the period of construction, operation of facilities, the subject must comply with all the requirements of urban planning, environmental safety, sanitary and hygienic and fire safety, labor safety and other requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Access to electricity

Karadum substation 110/35/6, with a total capacity of 28.5 MHz, h/el., can currently provide all the production needs of the enterprises of the Panj FEZ with uninterrupted power supply.

There is a high-speed fiber-optic Internet near the FEZ “Panj”. It has 4 main stations of mobile operators. Fiber – optic communication provides access to the Internet and the nearest PBX points throughout the FEZ.

Access to water and wastewater.

The water supply base of FEZ “Panj” has two water supply pumping stations with a capacity of 300/120 – 160 kW and two pumping stations with a capacity of 30/90 – 30 kW, as well as a reservoir with a capacity of 1.0 thousand cubic meters. m, providing round-the-clock water supply to FEZ subjects.

Customs terminal

 The regime of free customs zone, operating in the territory of the FEZ “Panj”, allows you to import foreign goods without paying customs duties and value added tax (VAT).

The customs terminal, located on the territory of the FEZ, allows minimizing the time for passing through customs procedures.

The checkpoint at the entrance to the FEZ is equipped with modern accounting and control systems.

Priority projects of FEZ “Panj”


Currently, work is underway to implement a project for the construction of a railway line from the Kolkhozabad railway station to the FEZ “Panj” with a length of 60 km. Once commissioned, it will increase rail logistics to Central Asia, Russia, China, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

This project is an integral part of the Kolkhozabad-Dusti-Nizhny Pyanj-Kunduz (IRA) railway project with a length of 160 km.

Logistics center.

The development strategy of the FEZ “Panj” provides for the creation of a logistics transport center on a total area of 15 hectares. Subjects receive a full range of logistics services (transportation, storage, packaging). Customs clearance of goods is carried out.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support.

 In the FEZ “Panj” it is planned to create a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support.

        The main services of the center:

  • training services to increase the level of knowledge in the field of business promotion;
  • consulting services in the development of innovative projects;
  • audit, evaluation, accounting and services, marketing and scientific – technical research;
  • search for partners, consulting companies and financial institutions for the implementation of business ideas.

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