FEZ “Panj” is created on the territory of massif Karadum of Kumsangir region, Khatlon oblast, with total lands area 401.63 hectares as a separate (bounded) plot of the Republic of Tajikistan territory. 

One of the main tasks of the FEZ “Panj” is the construction and improvement of the territory of the FEZ ” Panj “, the protection and preservation of the environment, the creation of industrial infrastructure in the territory of the FEZ at the level of international standards (communication, transport, communication, etc.)

The development area of FEZ “Panj” is divided into two parts, the first part of 186 hectares of land, intended for the construction of industrial enterprises and the second part of 215.63 hectares of land for trade and commerce, logistics, etc.

Currently, there are 371.53 hectares of free land plots in the territory of the free economic zone for new construction and infrastructure development.


Payment procedure for land lease in FEZ “Panj”

   Annual rent 1 sq. m. land plot for production activities   $0.50
    Annual rent 1 sq. m. land for service activities   1 US dollar.
    Annual rent 1 sq. m. land for trade and commercial activities   1 US dollar.


Land Use Procedure 

The administration of the free economic zone shall use the land within its territorial boundaries based on the provisions of this Law and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Tajikistan regulating the land relations.

The procedure of allocation of the land plots within the territorial boundaries of the free economic zone to the subjects of the free economic zone shall be  defined by the Regulations of the free economic zone.

FEZ subjects during construction, operation of facilities must comply with all the requirements of urban planning, environmental safety, sanitary and fire safety, labor safety and other requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan

Use your property located on the territory of the FEZ at your own discretion in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Topographic photos of FEZ “Panj”


On FEZ “Panj” territory is prohibited: 

  • implementing activity on subsoil utilization (except water production for water providing FEZ subjects from underground sources);
  • production of stocks, banknotes and coins, postage stamps;
  • production, processing, storage, selling of drugs, psychoactive drugs and precursors;
  • preparation and broadcasting of radio and TV programs, except technical maintaining of radio and TV;
  • production, processing, storage, disinfection, selling of dangerous radioactive materials;
  • treatment of sick people suffering from dangerous and very dangerous infections including venereal and infectious skin diseases, mental diseases in aggressive form;
  • treatment of animals with very dangerous diseases;
  • activity dealing with external labor migration issues;
  • creation of ecologically harmful productions that are harmful for environment;
  • selling fuel in free economic zone territory to legal entities and individuals which are not FEZ subjects;
  • retail sale of products and raw materials. Sales of imported on FEZ territory goods and finished products of catering belonging to personal use by FEZ personnel is sold by specialized catering enterprise in strictly allotted places and in definite time, operating due to contract with appropriate subdivision of FEZ subject. Preferential tax regime is not accepted in this activity;
  • economic-commercial activity that deals with providing state security and defense, and also with production, processing, storing and selling weapon, ammunition, explosives, drugs, psychoactive drugs;
  • importing to FEZ territory drugs, psychoactive drugs, weapons, ammunition, other goods, the sales and displacement of which is limited in the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • arranging of gaming and lotteries, casino, video saloons, game machines and etc.


Permission to enter the territory of the FEZ “Panj” 

For entrance and departure to/from FEZ “Panj” territory, representatives, employees of FEZ subjects and other persons are needed the following kinds of passes:

  • ID cards;
  • permanent;
  • temporary;
  • vehicle passes.